Friday, March 30, 2012

Stepping Stones

By Digger - Her blog is Digging Deeper. You can read about her here. You can see all posts by Digger here. 

I watched, carefully, as Monster slipped from the rock he was standing on and began to fall. Instinctively I reached out for him, but stopped myself when I saw his hand shoot out in front to catch himself. It made a splash as it hit the water and he sunk up to his elbow, but he laughed and pulled himself back up to a standing position and then looked forward at the next rock.

"He can do this." I told myself. "He's learning."

Life is like a river. It's always flowing. Always changing. (I know, I know, "Thanks, Pocahontas.") But it's true. You never know what's going to happen next and it's just part of the experience of living when we fall in and have to pull ourselves back up to the safety of our own rock path that we're using to cross it.

The water turns and swirls with the paths of other people around us. It mingles with them and sometimes we can get close enough to share a few stones, but ultimately, we are the only ones that can walk on our path.

Some stones are slippery. Some wobbly. Some may disappear altogether when we put our full weight on them. Some are big and some are small. It's our choice where we put our foot. And it's our choice which direction to head.

God created the river and the stones themselves, but he gave us the will and agency to decide for ourselves which ones we will use. But don't forget, like me with Monster, he's standing on the other bank reaching out when you fall and eagerly waiting to congratulate you when you make it across, regardless of how many times you fell in and how wet you still are.

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