Tuesday, March 27, 2012


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One of my favorite seasons! :) One season that I totally embrace!

1. I get to watch God's beautiful creations come to life. Oh hands down this my favorite part. Getting to watch all of those beautiful flowers bloom, the grass turn green & the birds start to sing - it's perfection.

2. Getting to do yard work and prop my feet up outside after I'm done. Not only do I love making the yard pretty - I love getting to put my feet up, grab my favorite drink, sit down next to the hubs & watch the kids play in the yard. It makes all the hard work - completely worth it.

3. Getting to enjoy the sunsets. I am obsessed with the sky and in the winter it is wayyy to cold most nights to get to go outside and just enjoy them. Spring means I get to take the time to enjoy something I find breathtaking.

4. Being outside in general. We are definitely outside people. My kids love the outdoors ever more than I do. Here is Texas spring is warm enough to play outside in shorts, heck even to work on my tan. ;) We have already begun playing outside more, taking walks and of course tanning - because I'm whitey mccgee and that's going to change this summer I tell ya!

5. Two special things happen in spring that I love. First - Jay's birthday. This year he wants to go to the zoo and sense it's the time of year where that is a perfect way to spend the day that's what we will be doing & we are all so excited about it. Yeah I love the zoo. #ifeellikeakidagain. Second - Easter. I love any holiday really but getting to celebrate Jesus Resurrecting and teaching my little tots about it - is the best part of it all.

So there is my five reasons I love spring! Tell me your favorite thing about spring!

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  1. I love spring weather, going to the beach, taking pictures of the beautiful clouds, and watching my Maltese frolic in the tall grass with the wind blowing his little ears back!