Thursday, March 22, 2012

Treasure These Moments

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Time is marching on.  It seems to be moving faster and faster these days.  I want desperately for it to slow down - at least for a little while.  Just to give me a chance to catch up and take a breath.  That's not really how it's working out though!

I have a daughter, Moira, who turned 8 a couple weeks ago.  She's such an amazing little girl.  She's funny.  She's super smart.  She's really an awesome kid.  She's still my little girl and she still looks like a little kid.

But she's growing up....too fast!

Yesterday, all the second grade classes participated in a "wax museum".  They were to choose a real person and do a biography of them.  Then they were to put a presentation of their character on a tri-fold board.  In addition, they'd be dressing up in character for the wax museum.  They had their presentations in their class in the morning.  In the evening, they went back and families were welcomed in to the school to walk the halls where all these characters would be in place as their wax figure.  

Moira chose to be Cleopatra.  I think she had a friend or two who had decided that's what they'd be, so that's what she wanted.  She and I had fun working on her presentation which, in my opinion, was a far bigger project than any I ever did in second grade!!  Wednesday morning, she got dressed in her costume and I did her make up.  Here is Moira as Cleopatra:

She's 8.

Friends, when I looked at her - and when I look at the pictures I took - my jaw hits the floor.  There isn't much of a hint of my little girl here!  Where did she go??  I have no clue, but I want her back!!  I'm not ready for this!

I thought to myself that I really need to do everything I can right now to embrace that 8 year old little girl and enjoy this time with her right now.  When I see girls who are a year or two older than her, I am struck by the physical differences in just that little age difference.  It is a sign of what's to come for us.  This is going to be huge when it happens for us.  It's one thing to watch your child grow up all this time, but that time of losing the "little kid" look in favor of a "young lady" look is not as far away as I would really like it to be!

I think this was a bit of a wake up call for me to just stop and treasure these moments we're in right now!

What are you being called to stop and treasure?

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