Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!!

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So today is the first day of Spring!! Thank. You. March… I have been waiting for you! 

I Love March!! It's by far, my favorite month. It's the beginning of Springtime and I know that all of my favorite things will be coming soon. The world will be beautiful again and the dark drab of winter is finally over! 
Oh March, I wait all year to see your sweet name posted at the top of my calendar. You are the beginning of Spring and the first glimpse of warmer weather, blooming flowers, and leaves on trees. Winter seems so dismal and then like the fantastic rising sun, you slowly appear and bring forth your warmth and glory.
I love to go for walks, I can just get lost and appreciate the first promises of Spring. It completely renews me to watch everything start to bloom. Between dead grass and empty, bare trees that are only bones left from Winter, the tiniest bright blooms and leaves are starting to sprout. The breeze is cool and the sun is warm, and soon enough, everything will be alive again.

As February slowly fades into a distant memory, so do the dreary, lazy thoughts of winter. March. Your very name demands that we stand up and pay attention. "Get up! Do something!" you scream. Even the earth is feeling better and begins to tilt it's shoulders toward the sun.

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  1. Love this Digger. I love spring - one of my favorite things I say about spring is, - I get to watch God's beautiful creations come back to life. :)) Such beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing!