Friday, March 16, 2012

Time to Smell The Flowers

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I don't know where you all live, but here in Charleston, SC the weather this week has been absolutely DIVINE!!  It has been gorgeous.  Seriously folks, spring is in the air!!!  I couldn't be happier to shake off the winter blahs!!
I am a creature of habit.  While I love it outside, I have a tendency to stick close to home.  I'm in a season of life where I'm so exhausted all the time.  Not looking for sympathy or saying "woe is me" or anything.  It just is what it is.  That said, I so need to get myself out of the house.
Spring is in the air that that means the beauty around me is going to be increasing tremendously in the next few weeks as everything begins to bloom.  I am already excited about the trees budding and blooming.  I want to get out in this beautiful weather - I do.  I think I may need for someone to force me out of the house though.
I was reminiscing about a time last year when I went out with a great friend of mine and we took pictures while wandering around downtown Charleston because the flowers were in full bloom and everything was just looking gorgeous.  These pics were taken on March 23rd of last year.  I nearly choked when I realized how long ago it was that we'd done that.
I need to grab my friend and get out there again this year and just embrace life and all this new Spring season has in store for me!
 If you're a little further north than I am, well, then just enjoy these pictures - your turn is coming soon.  Promise!!

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  1. Those photographs are absolutely beautiful! We are so very blessed to live in Charleston!