Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Make A Memory.

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I was driving Bruiser to school this morning and started going over all the things I need to do today. I could feel myself getting tense and frustrated. The list kept growing:

• Laundry - Bruiser has no clean clothes for tomorrow.
• Dishes - Should have done them last night, darn sore throat.
• Bleach Bathrooms - Thank goodness nobody has been in my house this week. How embarrassing.
• Write Post - Why can't I get ahead on this? I'm always one step behind it seems.
• Wash Dog - Shoot, this has been needing to be done for almost a week now. Again, why am I always behind?
• Finish Design Proofs - I have so much that needs to be done here. Come on. Get with the program!
• Pay Bills - Not really an option if I like running water and the ease of electricity.
• Mow Grass - It's looking like the Serengeti out there. How is this not done yet?
• Organize Office - When did I become such a slob?
etc… etc… etc…
The drive to Bruiser's school is about 40 minutes. And the whole way there, I just kept adding to my list. By the time I dropped him off and waved goodbye, I was already exhausted and not feeling like doing anything. I just wanted to go home, sit, and do absolutely nothing because it all felt so overwhelming. I rolled my window down to get some fresh air in hopes that would help clear my mind and invigorate my body.

As I was thinking all this, I pulled around the schoolhouse corner and saw a man in a very nice business suit, carrying a briefcase, kneel down to tie a little girls shoe. He didn't plan it out quite right and ended up with mud all down his slacks. I heard this conversation while waiting for my turn at the stop sign:

"Daddy, your pants are all dirty now."
"Looks like you're right. I'll have to run home and change them really quick."
"But you'll be late for work."
"Not if I hurry. Besides tying you're shoe is more important. Now quick, run inside so you can see your friends."

I was almost at the stop sign by this point, so I watched in my rearview has he gave her a hug and then turned around and walked back the way they'd come.

It was in this instant that I did a quick inventory of my list I'd just made and realized that no where in there had I mentioned doing anything with my boys. No where had I planned something with them. Sure, I could probably get everything on my list checked off today, but does that make it a successful day? Is that what I want to remember? Is that what I want my children to deem success? No. Not at all. So I added one last thing to my list right as I turned the corner to the main road home:

• Make a memory - One really good memory with each boy, each day.
That's how I am going to mark my success from now on. Good memories with the people that matter most.

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  1. You always seem to write something that I needed to see. As I was reading through it - I knew exactly how you felt and then it got to the part where you didn't mention doing anything with the boys and I was like woah. The past couple of days I have been so busy - even though they are always with me, normally sitting next to me if I'm sitting down - that I haven't done a whole lot with them & I NEED to change that. Thank you so much for sharing this today! Such a great post and great reminder.