Thursday, December 6, 2012

It's been awhile..

Sense I have found myself posting here. It makes me sad, but I needed to step away. The whole point to embracing life, is embracing it during the bad too and when we got some possible scary news + the death of my grandmother + the stress of life in general. I couldn't do it. I kept trying to think of all the good around me and for a short time my mind was just wrapping around all the bad. I went down a semi depressed road but then after I said goodbye to my grandmother, after a whole was ripped through my chest. 

After the good news we received  I felt like I could breathe again. So now i'm getting back on track and I was finally able to see, that through the bad, God was showing me just how much strength I had. Just how much I love the life I was given. 

So, today while I am remembering to Embrace life..
I will be thankful for today.