Thursday, February 9, 2012

Be You, And Speak You

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You want honesty? Sure.
Over the past few weeks I have been seriously considering unplugging completely and saying "I'm done!" to the online world. But the truth is, this whole process has been like everything else in my life; a stepping stone. It's forced me to step outside my comfort zone and as I did, I've learned a thing or two.

When I first started really writing in my blog back in October, I was terrified about what people would say or what they would think. Would they like me? Would they want to read what I had to say? I know how people have reacted in the past. Would it be the same? I was timid at first, but then… then I realized that I wasn't writing for anybody else. I was writing for me. I had things locked deep in my heart that I wanted to get out. And when people speak from their heart, before the mind has a chance to rationalize and reason, the message is loud and clear. It's a power that can't be argued with.

We are all different. That's no surprise. I'm sure you've all heard it before. No matter what you do in life, you're going to come across people that will dislike you, for some reason or another. It shouldn't shock you. You can't please everybody all the time. I don't have a problem accepting this fact. What I do have a problem with is when people jump to conclusions without bothering to look into why I feel or say the things I do. I have no patience for adults with child-like behavior. They should be ignored and never given a second thought.

My favorite quote in the entire world  says, 
"Be you, and speak you. 
The ones that matter, don't mind. 
And the ones that mind, don't matter."

I find it extremely comforting to see how different we all are. We're all unique. We should celebrate that, not try to destroy it. We are all women, friends, mothers, sisters, daughters… there's no competition. We live in our own corners of the world and see things through different eyes, under different circumstances, with different backgrounds and stories. This, this internet, this blogging, this community, it's a way to reach out and help each other, just by being who we already are. How awesome is that?!


  1. Well, I sincerely hope that you stay with us. :) Blogger wouldn't be the same without you. But it is amazing how some people seem to just enjoy putting others down for their opinions or beliefs, rather than agreeing to disagree. I just don't understand the mindset. If I'm reading something I don't like I usually stop reading it. Even if I read it all the way through, I don't comment if I have nothing nice to say. I hope it all gets better for ya, love bug!


  2. Wonderful, wonderful post. Wish more women would grab the concept and run with it. Its so freeing to just be you. Hope to see more posts from you!

  3. I hope you stay too! I have loved getting to know you and I love this post! You are truly amazing digger!! *hugs*

  4. Aww.. :) Thank you, you guys! I am deeply grateful for these comments!! I'm sure I'll sure I'll stick around, this is just a phase. It'll pass! I appreciate your kind words though. It helps!! :) Love you all!

  5. this was such a reflective post. I am so glad I found this website with some of my most favorite bloggers all in one place! I hope that you don't leave the blog world! Because I think you have a lovely voice.

    Much love
    -Ellie from over here:

  6. I just read this awesome post about Social Media Hangovers that is helping me get through mine... I swear, if I restructure my blog once more without expecting a permanent plan (well, at least 6 months)then I'm going to scream and delete the whole dang thing!

    Here's the post:

    My other advice, sometimes I just stop. I figuratively hit the panic button and slow my roll. I've found the consequences aren't as severe as I expected them to be. Everything is still there!

    Ashley Marie

  7. This is an amazing post Digger! I love it, I can relate. I have not come across anyone negative so far but I have also thought of shutting down all my social networking sites and my blog. I love how we are all connected and have done so in such a short amount of time. I would miss everyone in blogland and I love how others relate to me and I to them. Thanks for sharing this. :)