Saturday, February 18, 2012

Always Remember

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Last night Hubby & I sat down and talked -- really talked; about life. About how Jay was going to be starting school in August. Our little boy grew up so fast. The realization came all to fast and I started spilling out my fears to Hubby about Jay starting school. About bullying & how school's aren't safe like they were when we were kids. How he was going to be around other kids. How he was going to react to not being around us. I told Hubby that I wanted Jay to hold strong to his faith; while he is little & always. Which brought me to this post.

To my boys:

1. Always be kind; Even if you don't get along with them, don't befriend that person, treat them how you would want to be treated. 

2. Use your words carefully; Don't just say what you want to say -- think before you speak because words will be remembered forever.

3. Stand up; For yourself, for each other & for others. If you see someone getting picked out don't stand back and blend in with the crowd like everyone else, help that person. Show them they have a friend. If you are getting picked on, talk to us we want to know everything, even the small stuff. 

4. Hold onto your faith; in school these days - faith isn't allowed. Hold onto it and hold onto it tight, because God loves you. Don't let the pressure of those around you make you stray away.

5. Don't judge others; You don't know someone's story. You don't know why someone is the way they are. Don't judge them - instead offer a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold & an ear to listen with.

6. Love; others & love yourself. I believe the world would be a better place if more people loved one another.

7. Care; take the time to care about other's feelings. Care about your life & theirs. Don't take any part of it for granted. 

8. Be happy; Your happiness will radiated to others. Choose happiness and if you ever feel down don't be afraid to talk about it.

9. Share your feelings; Daddy & I will always want to know how you feel. Don't ever be afraid to come to us.

10. Be yourself; I can't stress this enough. Be true to who you are, do not follow the crowd. Know who you are, love who you are and be the best version of yourself because their is no one like you.


  1. This is going to sound out of place but its not. All these fantastic things you posted here center on personal responsibility which is exactly they way it should be. But because of the way our government wants to rule our lives, we are told we are not responsible or alloweded self protection.

    So I teach my kids...

    FIGHT BACK: It is not okay to allow yourself to be a victim if someone is trying to hurt you. It is not someone elses responsibility to save you. And those that claim it is are not going to be there went someone is trying to hurt you physically. Aggression is unacceptable - but self defense is a must.

    I've seen kids get in trouble for striking out after another child jumped them (and we are talking 2nd grade). I've seen no less than 3 children go through physical bullying only to have the school excuse the behavior because the child is special ed and tell the parents theyv'e been warned that if it happens three times....... THREE TIMES??? You want me to sit back and ALLOW another child that has proven they are aggressive to hurt my child 3x???? BS. The only kids that are removed from school now are ones how call others gay or pray in school. The bullies are told no-no and the victims are punished.

    Not im my house.