Monday, February 13, 2012

The next turn

By Cassie - Her blog is Live.Laugh.L0ve. You can learn more about her here. You can read all posts from Cassie here.

I picture a Ferris wheel when I think about life sometimes.

When you first step up to it, you get a bit of excitement and a hint of fear. You cautiously step up, sit in your seat and the bar closes -- there is no turning back now. 

The ride starts slowly and you feel that excitement build at what lies ahead, isn't that how life is? When your old enough to understand it -- you become excited by the possibilities that are ahead. Your life start to climb -- you slowly overcome the first turn.

Then it happens, things start to speed up -- that next turn that you see approaching is coming too fast and this time when you start falling -- your stomach drops. This time you weren't excited about it, you were afraid. That relief you feel as your stomach calms again, knowing your safe before the next turn, hold onto it.

But that next turn is coming, weather it's fast and exciting or slow and easy -- it's going to come, because that is part of life. No one's journey is straight - there is many turns, good or bad, happy or sad. Take hold of those turns, take hold of the excitement, the fear, the rush. 

Because life is too short not to embrace the journey ahead. Because one day life will slow down, your ride will be complete. I want you to step off that ride knowing you embraced every minute you could of it -- knowing that you LIVED it instead of strolling through it.

So today I ask you, Are you ready to embrace the next turn or will you let the next turn hold you back?

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  1. oooooo I LOVE this post!! Amazing! You're such an inspired writer! I love it!! Did I mention that already? ;)