Friday, May 18, 2012

Those sweet, sweet moments

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Oh how I wish I had pictures for this post. They all came out extremely dark because it was late at night.

Last week we had ran some errands and wound up not getting home until around 8:30PM. KJ had fallen asleep in the car and didn’t even stir when we layed him down in bed. Hubby had to work on his brother’s car and asked if Jay & I wanted to come out in the garage with him. At first I said no, then quickly changed my mind. I took my laptop outside and pulled up a two seater chair and I did some blogging while Jay played angry birds on daddy’s phone while daddy worked on the car. A short time later I turned the music on and started singing – not even caring if the neighbors could hear me.

This isn’t normal for me. I’m pretty shy about singing but that night, I just didn’t care. Once that stopped Jay & I went out into the driveway. It was nighttime by now. There were clouds all over the night sky covering the moon and the stars and the air was beautifully cool. Jay and I spun in circle’s looking up at the sky, did front flips and attempted to climb our tree.

Then this mommy needed a break so I laid down on the driveway and looked up at the sky and Jay followed my lead. He curled up in my arms right next to me and we talked and laughed for a long time. Then we began exploring. There was tons of rolly pollies everywhere and Jay and I laughed and laughed as he blew on them to get to them to move and I slightly touched them to get them going. I taught him about the little rolly pollies and then taught him about the acorns that scattered the ground.

The june bug that was making our way towards us and about why he couldn’t see the moon because of the clouds. 2 ½ hours went by and for the first time in a long time I hadn’t payed attention to the time. It was glorious. One of the best nights I had, had in a long time. We laid back down on the driveway and stared up at the sky, I thought about how tired I was and how I needed to lay Jay down for bed. Then the clouds broke and the starts came out. I pointed out the big dipper to him and told him to make a wish on the stars.

It’s this – moments like this, that I hope he remembers forever. God gave me a beautiful gift that night. He gave me the blessing of being outside, spending time with my first born, laughing and playing and exploring. It was time I am thankful for. I will hold onto that moment for the rest of my life. It was the first time in a week I had really let loose and relax and I know Jay had the best time.

Moral of the story – enjoy those moments. Take the time to step away from the computer. Step away from time. Step away from the world and just live in that moment that God is giving you.

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