Thursday, May 10, 2012

believing in yourself

skye is a total type-a, list making maniac who has discovered a place to unleash her creativity through blogging and creating. she makes custom upcycled artwork at her dining room table for her shop, thumbprint designs. she shares her stories, inspirational thoughts and love for handmade and connecting on her blog, neathering our fest.  

growing as a blogger and indie biz owner has taught me so many lessons about myself. it takes a very strong, very determined, and very faithful person to take on this lifestyle and run with it. there are so many ups and downs, celebrations and sorrows, and moments of faith to endure that i could never expect anyone to take it on lightly or understand what it has done to me as a person. i see now why so many blogs get started and never see more than five or six posts. or why there are etsy stores and shops that start a vibrant life only to fizzle out quickly when there aren't many sales in the first weeks, months, heck YEARS sometimes.

it is hard. hard i tell you. can i get an amen?

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if you have one shred of self doubt, chances are you will have a very hard time making it as an indie biz owner. believing in yourself, or at least believing that YOU WILL believe in yourself or SOMEONE WILL believe in you, is one of THE essential characteristics of successful business owners, handmade or no. think about it - everything you do is a reflection of you. the blog posts you write, the products you produce, the marketing you put into place, and the prices you set are all reflections of YOU. if you don't believe in yourself, you will be cutting yourself seriously short in all of these departments.

i have learned that the first step to success in this world is to believe that you can do it. who cares if other people say you can't? if you start to believe them, you are fulfilling your own prophecy. you, your ideas, your thoughts, YOU are worth more than the world will probably ever tell you. if you feel like you have something to offer, you have to be confident enough in yourself to overcome the world and present yourself! this was a hard hard lesson for me to actually implement. and even though i'm not completely over my fear of ridicule and rejection, i have come a long way because i have nestled myself with others in my shoes, quit comparing myself to others, and started accepting praise.

you can do it. YOU can do it. you can do IT - whatever it is! don't let the world steal your dreams.

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