Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Breaking Life Down

Drawn towards a creative life at a very young age and being an only child, I was always found drawing, imagining, or creating in one form or another. Now I am the desigNERD behind Dig Deep Design Studio. I'm all about designing, writing, photographing and living a fruitful, fulfilled life. No other ambition than to find balance in myself and live an artful existence. You can find Diggers blog here & her shop here. Want to read more from Digger? You can do that here. 

Let's review: 

In my house I have 2 young boys. Bruiser, who just turned 7 last weekend, and Monster, who turned 3 in 
February. They are very active and energetic little boys. However, I also have 4 TV's in my house, which 
are hooked up to a satellite dish and receive over 500 channels each, 3 computers, laptops no less that can 
travel the house to any desired comfy location. And to top it all off, there is also a Wii and XBox available 
for mind numbing game playing.

I really have nothing against sitting down and watching a family movie together. I think it can be relaxing 
and enjoyable family bonding time. But, now, after listing it all down, it seems excessive at the least.

When Bruiser was little, I couldn't convince him to sit still for longer than 2 minutes. He hated to be 

cooped up in the condo. He'd stand on the back of the couch and practically break my blinds trying to 
view the world through our little window. He was constantly pulling on my hand and begging me to take 
him outside. Now, fast forward a few years, and I can't break him away from his tv. He wants it on as 
soon as he wakes up and will throw a huge fit if we tell him he can't watch it as he falls asleep. 
It's become a problem. I miss the little boy dragging me around to look at every little bug. The little boy 
who could spend hours playing in mud.

Monster, still prefers to be outside, however, he is his older brother's shadow, so he is quickly falling into 

the TV trap as well. His cartoon coma days are quickly approaching.

So today, I have issued "Mom Law" and put a ban on all the TV's. There is no need to spend an entire 

summer glued to a screen. Today we will be playing outside, cleaning leaves off the trampoline, weeding 
the abandoned garden, and throwing the ball for Zoey, our Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Maybe today we'll 
take a walk and pick a few flowers from the meadow down the street. Maybe we'll play a board game after 
dinner. I don't know, but today, I'll start showing my boys how to savor life. Today, I'm going to start 
breaking their lives down as well.

Wish me luck.

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