Monday, May 21, 2012

Focusing on Life

Growing up Cassie always loved to write. Notes, letters & in her journal. Now she has a passion for writing. She's loves Jesus. She's a wife to her high school crush & a mother to two beautiful little boys. She dreams big, loves entirely and lives life to the fullest. She believes laughter is the best medicine and embracing life is something she does with pleasure. Her blog is Live.Laugh.L0ve and she creates "pretties" in her handmade shop called ccy designs. You can see more post by Cassie here.

Every month we are going to have one week dedicated to a certain topic. This week the writers of embrace your life are sharing how we keep focus on life.

It's so easy to get off track when it comes to focusing on life. So many things get in the way. Work, stress, running from here to there, cleaning, etc. Honestly - my sweet little boys help me keep focus on life. Not just our lives but the life around us.

It is a constant reminder everytime I look at them how precious life is. I've said it once and I will say it again, kids grow up to fast. In the blink of an eye they seem to go from baby to toddler to almost starting school. It makes you enjoy every part of life while they are this little. I am constantly pointing out all forms of life to them.

The colors of the sunset.
The bird singing in the tree.
The shape of the rocks.
The color of the grass.
Showing them how acorns have "hats".
Showing them the tiny rollie pollie.
Pointing out the beautiful butterflies.

There is so many things that remind me to slow down and focus on life. While my children are one of them they are not my only source. God helps me focus on life - being thankful he gave me this life to live. Spending time with my husband reminds me that I am so thankful for having him apart of my life. My family reminds me of life, the changing and growing of a life. My sweet friends help me to embrace life. You want to know what really helps me focus on life - hearing about death.

It saddens me to the core even if I don't know the person. It reminds me that this life is precious. Because you can be here one day and not the next. Heck you can be here one hour and not the next. Focus on life. Enjoy it. Breath it in and relish in it.

Tell me - how do you focus on life?

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