Thursday, May 17, 2012

Celebrating Life

Sarah is a Christian wife and mom of two girls.  I love life and am learning how to give thanks in all things.  I enjoy blogging as a way to share with others the blessings and joys in life that are out there if we just look around! You can find her blog here and shop here. Read more posts from Sarah here.

This week I spent some time reflecting and celebrating - embracing - life.
My little girl, Peyton, turned six on Tuesday.

An incredible milestone for this precious child of God.
Six years,
when we didn't even know if we could get one!
Each year, a precious gift from the Father.

Six years ago we entered the "special needs" world.
A little after that, we entered the "medically fragile" world.
It's a difficult place to be.
But it's a place where I've found so many blessings,
not the least of which is in the gift of Peyton herself.

Peyton has blessed our family beyond measure.
She has taught us far more than we could ever dream of teaching her.
Yes, she is completely and utterly dependent on us, has multiple brain malformations {including a partial piece just being completely missing}, and is developmentally like an infant of about 6 months of age, give or take {depending on what you're looking at}.
But somehow this precious child has taught us more about life than we could imagine.
We have truly learned what it means to give thanks in all circumstances.
We have learned that every person has a purpose in life, no matter what their limitations might seem.
We have learned the measure and depth of our love and the strength that we have to endure all things.

We are truly blessed and grateful or the opportunity that God has provided us to take care of His precious daughter for as long as He is willing.  She is His, on loan to us.  So long as He allows us to have her, we will continue to embrace life in a very special way.

"Peyton's Field of Flowers" by April L. Knight


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