Thursday, May 24, 2012

Just Focus

Growing up Cassie always loved to write. Notes, letters & in her journal. Now she has a passion for writing. She's loves Jesus. She's a wife to her high school crush & a mother to two beautiful little boys. She dreams big, loves entirely and lives life to the fullest. She believes laughter is the best medicine and embracing life is something she does with pleasure. Her blog is Live.Laugh.L0ve and she creates "pretties" in her handmade shop called ccy designs. You can see more post by Cassie here.

Every month we are going to have one week dedicated to a certain topic. This week the writers of embrace your life are sharing how we keep focus in life.

Focusing on life is so important.
It reminds us of why we are here.
It reminds us to sow down and appreciate the life we were given.
How else do we remember how precious and important life is?

Go outside. No matter if the sun is shining or raindrops are falling from the sky.


Close your eyes and slowly count to ten. When you open them, open them slowly. Then notice in the calm, the life around around you.
The vibrant colors of the flowers.
Appreciate the way the sun feels on your skin
how cool the rain drops feel.
Take in the sounds of the birds singing
the laughter from the litte ones playing outside.
Appreciate the way the sky is aways so perfectly colored.

Take a deep breath and breathe in the life around you

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