Monday, April 9, 2012

That's it. That's me.

Drawn towards a creative life at a very young age and being an only child, I was always found drawing, imagining, or creating in one form or another. Now I am the desigNERD behind Dig Deep Design Studio. I'm all about designing, writing, photographing and living a fruitful, fulfilled life. No other ambition than to find balance in myself and live an artful existence. You can find Diggers blog here & her shop here. Want to read more from Digger? You can do that here. 

I decided to start blogging as a documentation of my adventure into
the world of design and a reminder that inspiration is everywhere, always follow my own instincts and never let my passions die.

I hope you find a bit of yourself in my writing, I hope you find inspiration and motivation to follow your own dreams and find your own happiness.

So, please, come in. Take your shoes off at the door and make yourself
at home. If I can get you some water or a cup of tea, let me know. Relax...
You are always welcome.

Who Am I?

I grew up in the mountains of Utah with my close-knit family, my trumpet, a mountain bike and a whole rural community to explore. It was pure bliss. I had
what I needed, never less and never more. In kindergarten I was the
only kid in the class who didn't want to be a teacher. I wanted to be an artist. Those dreams changed over time to a marine biologist, a writer, and a broadcast journalist. Then I found my dad's camera and I never put it down.

These days you can find me, camera still in hand, searching for the simple.

I am rarely content so you’ll find me constantly pushing myself to evolve and change.

I am a dreamer, in every sense of the word. A giver, a lover, and a
creator - equip with knowledge, support, determination,
respect, and motivation.

I am so passionate about life it's ridiculous. I have this overwhelming
desire to take it and just squeeze it, to drink it up and spit out

I have an insane desire to do everything, see everything and experience everything.

I want to earn the respect of others and my place here.

I want a lifetime of wonder, amazement, and miracles.

I want to be blown away by moments, concepts and truths.

I don't want to ever know why things are in this story

I just want to know that they simply are.

And to take it

breath it

seize it

accept it

respect it

hold it

love it

give thanks for it


and again

and again

to be it

to live it.

That's it.


  1. I love your hair, annd your poses, ahah (:

  2. Love this post - I especially love this part "I am so passionate about life it's ridiculous. I have this overwhelming
    desire to take it and just squeeze it, to drink it up and spit out
    sunshine..." I completely and 100% know exactly what you mean! :)

  3. Thank you, you guys!! :) I'm really proud of this design. :) And thanks for the post comments too. :) I just let it flow today. :) Love when that actually works huh? lol.