Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Finding Inspiration in My Children

Every month we are going to have one week dedicated to a certain topic. This week the writers of embrace your life are sharing things that inspire us.

Sarah is a Christian wife and mom of two girls.  I love life and am learning how to give thanks in all things.  I enjoy blogging as a way to share with others the blessings and joys in life that are out there if we just look around! You can find her blog here and shop here. Read more posts from Sarah here.

Perhaps one of my greatest inspirations in life comes from my daughter.  I speak about Peyton all the time on my blog.  She is just a few weeks away from her sixth birthday.  That in itself is amazing because we didn't know if she'd make it to her first!  She was born with multiple special needs and she is also medically fragile. As she has gotten older, we continue to add to the laundry list of medical issues she has.

This is a child who is very much like an infant in her development, so one might wonder - how could I be inspired by her?  I've said over and over and over again in her short little life that she has probably taught me far more than I could ever teach her.  The list of things I have learned from her continues to grow.

But how does she inspire me?

She inspires me to be a better mom.  I have an 8 year old daughter as well.  It's not easy dealing with all  family issues when one issue {i.e. the special needs/medically fragile child} occupies the vast majority of our time.  But Peyton inspires me to want to try to be better.  She inspires me to model to my older daughter, Moira.  You see, while I don't always have all the time in the world for everyone else around me because of the demands on my time that Peyton has, Moira is watching me and she is learning from me.  I have an incredible opportunity here to show Moira many things.

Peyton was my inspiration to begin blogging.  There were so many difficult times in our lives when I began blogging.  I couldn't focus on anything but the negative side of thing.  Peyton inspired me to look at all the good and positive things that are happening right under my nose.  All of those things can be attributed to her.  She inspired me to look at our situation with new eyes - to view our days with her as blessing and not burden.  She inspired me to seek a better and closer relationship with God.  About a year later, Peyton continues to be my inspiration in my blogging.

Peyton inspires me to help others.  I blog because I want to share the joys and blessings in the life of a special needs family, but she has inspired me to want to go beyond that and really try to reach out to people.  I know there are people out there who are hurting.  Maybe my situation isn't going to be the same as yours or the next person's, but maybe part of our story resonates with something you are going through.  Maybe, just maybe, something I have shared could be an encouragement to you.  Peyton has given me that drive and desire to reach out to you through my blog.

I'm also inspired by Moira.  As the older sibling to a special needs child who has been in and out of the hospital more than anyone should ever be in a lifetime, I am inspired by her strength.  I know our situation cannot possibly be easy on her.  I know how much she needs me and that I need to do a better job of devoting more time to her in these early years.  I know it is at this stage in her life when she will remember her childhood when she looks back 20 years from now.  But I am inspired by her and the character she is developing at such a tender age.  Moira is so compassionate.  If she sees someone hurt, she is right over at that person's side wanting to help.  She will put her arm around them or just be there looking on with compassionate eyes.  I am inspired by the fact that a small child could have the depth of character that she has.  I am inspired by her because despite everything going on around her, she is a really bright kid.  She is a voracious reader and eager learner.  She can talk on just about any subject...and she will.  This girl is so not the shy kid that I was!  I am inspired by her openness and gentle spirit. 

As our family continues on this journey, I will continue to guide my daughters by the hand, hopefully leading them along the right path.  I am sure I will continue to be inspired by them as we travel this road.  Despite all the challenges we face, it is amazing that we can find inspiration and a source of strength in our children!

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  1. Oh Sarah! This is beautiful. You are a wonderful mother and inspiration to BOTH your girls.