Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tell us - What inspires YOU

We hope you have a wonderful weekend. Just wanted to take a few moments on this beautiful Saturday to recap this past week incase you missed anything. This week was "What inspires you" here on eyl and there were some great posts about this!

 Cassie wrote a post about the different things that inspire her.

 Skye wrote a post about how music and chatting with friends inspire her.

 Sarah wrote a post about finding inspiration in her children.

 Digger wrote a post about how a lot of her inspiration comes right here - from blogging.

 Digger also wrote a guest post for EYL on Salena's blog about pushing herself to find her passion and be afraid again.

 All great posts!

  So tell us, on this wonderful Saturday. What inspires YOU?

1 comment:

  1. SO many things. My nieces and nephew inspire me.. they are sooo amazing! They are my top inspirational. And of course Mrs. Casey Wiegand.