Friday, April 6, 2012


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My oldest sons birthday is coming up next week. I was sitting down looking at his baby pictures, going through the years until now and I had to fight back tears. I relished in every memory that hit me - in every picture that I looked at. You want to know what made the tears spill over. As I replayed memory after memory in my head, it dawned on me how much time I used to spend with my boys before we got a house that constantly needs cleaning, before I started blogging, before life somehow stopped me from spending as much time with them.

I guess it was an ah-ha moment. I used to play with my boys constantly. They had my attention so much through out the day. I kept trying to figure out when that changed, which I stopped giving them so much attention. Don't get me wrong we play games and have color time during the day - but no where near what it used to be. So yesterday I tried to balance everything out. Spending tons of time with them, cleaning, blogging, crocheting, etc. You know what I realized. No matter what I do - I can't pull it off. If I give them most of my time other things falter. If i clean I'm loosing even more time with them because - good grief cleaning takes so much time.

Blogging is not really that big of a deal - if my boys aren't playing they are sitting next to me or in my nap and I constantly interact with them while I'm on the computer. But I'm going to try to make everything work. I may not be able to play with the boys as much as I want too, but our time playing, coloring, crafting, - I'm going to make it 100% worth it. I'm going to make memories with them & make the time we spend together during the day worth it.

Because I think that's what counts. I think {at least Jay does} they understand that mommy can't always sit on the floor and build blocks or color until my arm falls off. But I hope they do understand that when I can sit down to play with them, color with them, make food with them, that I am going to be there - I am going to laugh and smile and talk to them and interact with them and I hope that the time we do spend together - is good memories for them.

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