Monday, October 1, 2012

Stepping back

This past week I took a break from blogging
To focus on life.
To focus on my writing.
My work.
My boys.
My husband.
My family {sisters and parents}.

{Discipline is what you need to balance it all for sure}

I wanted to step away from the computer so much and just live. Do you ever have those times - where you just want to live life, be more involved in life? In life it can be so hard to balance it all and I learned a lot this past week. Like how much of my life is consumed by blogging.


and don't get me wrong - I love blogging but I love life more. 
So changes for me are coming.

Today, I encourage you - that if you are feeling overwhelmed with all you have to do. Just stop and take a break for as long as you like. Come back refreshed and ready to go again. It truly is good for the soul.

{These two graphics I pulled from facebook}


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