Friday, October 26, 2012

Just Scream

Hubs and I went to six flags on Sunday to celebrate our anniversary. We have both been before, but in 7 years we had never been to six flags together and it was the perfect day. I remember waiting in line to ride the roller coaster you see above. We waited an hour or so before we could ride it. All that anticipation building. You know those nerves beginning to climb, you are asking yourself if you should just get out of line because you aren't sure if you can handle that drop, you start fidgeting with your shirt or staring off in the distance wondering if you are crazy after all. 

But your turn finally comes. You climb into that seat and glance at the person next you and smile {for me I glanced at my husband and smiled} all the while your sitting their thinking "I can't do this. This was a bad idea. Maybe I should get off." You nervously glance at all the people around you, "No, I have to stick it out. I CAN do this." Then you begin that slow climb - that one that starts giving you butterflies and you are watching the world shrink below you. Then it comes, you go over that peak and woooossshhh you are going down the slope that you weren't sure you could do. 

& before you know it - a scream so loud and freeing is coming out of your mouth. For me, that scream was from all the excitement and fear that I just had to let it out and once I did. It felt so damn good.  Life is alot like that isn't it. All this anticipation builds up, stress, fear, worry - we are waiting, just waiting for that moment when we drop. But instead of being afraid of that drop, instead of letting it hold you down. Take that ride of your life and enjoy it - put your face in a pillow or go out somewhere far away from people and just scream and let that scream free you...


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  1. Such a sweet reminder and happy anniversary! We have spent many days at that Six Flags too.