Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Let them be little

There is one thing I have learned while embracing life + being a mommy. It's teaching my kids to embrace life and to do this you gotta let them be little. Let them explore this little world around them.

That puddle you don't want them splashing in because they are going to get dirty - let them.
The walk they keep begging to go on - take them.
The way their eyes light up over the acorns on the ground - let them pick em up.
The way the want to explore their surroundings - let them.

There is no greater way to embrace life then through your child's eyes. They still have this pure, innocent view of the world. A view that around every corner a new adventure is waiting. 

So let them be little.
& you be little with them.
You will be surprised at how much of life you were missing out on when you see it through your child's eyes.


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