Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Please welcome Katlyn

Life. We all exist here for a reason. To correspond with the world around us each and every day. Sometimes life isn't want we think or want it to be, but that's where we need to sit back and realize it is something that we need to embrace!

I have learned through my own life experiences that it isn't worth being pushing yourself further down in the dumps where it's so easy to stay. You need to realize that through you brushing off that little speck of hurt, pull yourself together, and be passionate about your life you will learn to live happier and be able to conquer the world!

I feel that the world now days has this image to it, where people think that if they don't 'fit in' with all the styles and groups that you'll be cast away and never looked at again. I want this blog to help you realize that you are Bea-YOU-tiful just the way you are, as yourself. You can be your own person and do what you'd like. Don't follow the crowd. Embrace your life as yours!

In this world there is too much lying. Too much backstabbing and climbing the ladder for you. Well, let's stop this! Let's join forces and inspire people to love and work together as one! Show others that they can embrace themselves as their own while helping others rise above it all with you! 


Being inspired is great. Inspiring others is something incredible! 
In my own blog, The Dreamy Meadow, I try to push raw honesty onto people to show them that this life isn't all puppies and rainbows. That there are tough things that go along with it. And with the raw honesty that I push out I feel like I can help those around me who may be struggling with the same issues that I may have went through or maybe still am. I feel like using my voice to express my feelings and life is a way of letting go of negative thoughts and embracing something better. It allows me to close that chapter of my life story and start writing another. 

I hope you can hear my voice here as well. I want you to realize that there are tons of reasons why your life is worth it and why you should embrace everything that goes along with it.

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