Thursday, October 11, 2012

Where is Fancy Bred? In the Heart or in the Head?

This week I decided to share a little laugh with y'all (get ready for the y'all's to come out here...I AM a Texan after all!).  I think this particular story fits right in with the "Embrace Your Life" theme.  Enjoy...and you're welcome! ;)

So the first week that Jonathan and I were here in Freeport we had seriously NO money.
We had spent literally everything we had trying to get here and buy the things we were going to need while we were here and our bank account was literally $0.  
Sad, but true.
We had enough cash to buy a loaf of bread, a half gallon of milk, and a dozen eggs.
I had one more teacher paycheck coming, but it wasn't going to be here for another week and a half.
So by the end of the week we were still broke, and had eaten all the food we'd purchased.
After a dinner of one egg scrambled and shared between the two of us, we began to get a little hungry.
My famous after dinner quote is "I think I need something sweet."
Of course there was nothing sweet in the house.  
What's the only thing two broke Caribbeans have on hand that's sweet??
You guessed it! (or maybe you didn't) We each ate one Tums...

Yes we did.  And it was delicious!
It was even the "tropical blend" so we felt it was an appropriate dessert for the Bahamas.
We closed our eyes, savored the Tums, and pretended it was the most delectable tropical dessert.

Hopefully that little story put a smile on your face.  When I remember that night, I remember laughing out loud when we both realized we were eating a stinkin' Tums for dessert!  I can tell you that some of the happiest times in our marriage have been when we were broke as billy goats.  We had lost sight of that over the years because we had both been actually making good money and didn't have a care in the world financially.  Now we're back to square one with money, and our marriage is even stronger than it was 5 years ago.  The things that make you truly happy in life cannot be bought!

So challenge #2 (I'm sensing an impending trend with my posts here at EYL):
If you had $0 in your bank account with no immediate remedy to the problem, what would you spend your time doing?  What would make you laugh?  How could you strengthen your relationships (marriage or otherwise)?  Do you really need money to be happy?

And maybe the most important question...what in the world would you eat for dessert?? :)


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