Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Embracing the good

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I think there is something very poetic about being invited to write for this blog.  I've spent years on the journey to embrace my life.  There was always something holding me back.  Fear.  Uncertainty.  More fear.  I was always afraid of change.  Afraid of not being good enough.  Afraid of what people would say or think about me, even when I acted like it didn't matter.  But all of that stopped when I became a mother.  Motherhood made me.

Motherhood made me embrace those lingering ten pounds and soft tummy that may never go away.  It made me embrace a make-up less face for and extra fifteen minutes of sleep.  Motherhood made me embrace my looks in a way nothing else could.  It made me proud to wear the stretch marks on my weathered body, like badges of honor.

Motherhood forced me to embrace the chaos that is my life.  Mountains of laundry.  Fast Food dinners.  Last minute cupcake baking the night before a fourth birthday, because I had to go to three stores for Buzz Lightyear.  Target trips an hour before the store closes because there is only one diaper in the house.  I'm still embracing the chaos that is my life.  For example, I'm writing this post while the dye to cover my greys sits for thirty minutes.  Also my two year old is entertaining herself with chips ahoy.

Motherhood inspired me to embrace my story.  Becoming a mom has been my biggest struggle.  I don't think I could have ever been prepared for the reality that is motherhood.  I lived some dark days, in a fog, struggling to be a "perfect" mom, instead of focusing on being a good mom.  Living those days, knowing that there had to be others out there fumbling the same mothering tasks, I decided to start a blog.  A place to share my stories, a place to get honest with myself and others about this motherhood job.  It's brought me new friends, new perspective, and new confidence.

Motherhood allowed me to embrace my writing.  Something I had been too scared to do.  I still have days where I can't believe I'm going to hit the publish button.  After almost two years, I finally feel I've gotten my sea legs.  My blog has brought me a new found confidence, not just in my parenting life, but in my actual life.  Now, I'm not just taking a chance on my writing, but I'm taking a chance on me too. 

Most importantly, motherhood has taught me to embrace the good.  The good in my life now.  Why did I spend so much time waiting for perfection?  Nothing is perfect, but life is ultimately good.  Everyday we can pinpoint something good.  Good food, good snuggles, good laughs, good friends.  None of these are perfect, yet, they are the simplest blessings.  I'm tired of waiting for perfection.  It's time to embrace the good.


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  1. Motherhood is a great way to embrace the good, as you say, Megan. Good snuggles can bring a ray of sunshine to even the cloudiest day. I'm still hoping Jillian Michaels videos can rid me of the soft tummy (fingers crossed) but motherhood is such a blessing that I wouldn't really mind if I never have washboard abs.