Monday, September 24, 2012

Please welcome Paige!

Hi Everyone!
I'm a bit new here and I thought I'd introduce myself with my first post!
Is that alright?
Well, first off, my name is Paige and I'm 21 years old and in my second year of nursing school which is my fourth year of college. I'll graduate in either August or December 2013. 

I'm also married to the love of my life, Cody.
We were engaged after six months and married in a private ceremony in Gatlinburg, TN after 11 months.

And I don't regret that decision for a second.

In high school, I struggled, just like any girl to fit in and I was depressed at least 90% of the time, mostly because of some family troubles that I'm not going to elaborate on right now. 

This continued throughout high school and into college.
It got a bit better but not by much when I was able to pay my own way through life and I had some independence.

But I still felt down all the time and didn't have the resources to get help.

Then one day, I decided enough was enough. I was going through life in a daze, living but not really. I was waiting for my life to begin without realizing that this was life. So why not live the way I want?

The change wasn't sudden but it was a conscious effort.

The major thing was that I decided that every single day had something good. See, it was so easy for me to focus on the hard and upsetting parts of my day, even the small ones. The smallest thing would send me into a spiral of sadness and I couldn't find the good parts.

So I decided to make myself remember something good about each day. For awhile I did this on my blog. Every Friday I'd take each day of the week and write what was good about it.

Sometimes it was something big, like when I got my new laptop.
Other times it was small things, like getting a krispy kreme donut.

It didn't matter. The point was that it was the good part of the day. Something that made me smile or made me think "You know, I'm really happy that I'm here"

So there are two points to this post.
The first was to introduce myself and I hope I did an alright job of that. I promise to reveal more to you later!

The second was to tell you how I consciously embrace life everyday. Every single day that you live has something good in it. Sometimes it's hard to see those things but I promise they are there. And when you realize even the small things, embracing life is easy.

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