Thursday, July 12, 2012

Do something you love

Growing up Cassie always loved to write. Notes, letters & in her journal. Now she has a passion for writing. She's loves Jesus. She's a wife to her high school crush & a mother to two beautiful little boys. She dreams big, loves entirely and lives life to the fullest. She believes laughter is the best medicine and embracing life is something she does with pleasure. Her blog is Live.Laugh.L0ve and she creates spontaneous designs in her handmade shop called The Spontaneous Designer. You can see more post by Cassie here.  

A repost from my blog

It's just part of life that we do things that we don't always like. Weather we have to or we feel obligated to. Say you have a job you don't really like, but you go to work everyday because you have bills to pay. That can put you in a bit of a rut doing something you don't necessarily like

So today I challenge you to do something you love. Weather it's dancing.
Playing with your kids.
Catching up on blogs.

Whatever you do - make sure it's something you love and spend a good amount of time doing it. You will feel refreshed afterwards.

I know that when I start going down hill. I stop myself and remind myself there are things I do that I love and I do them. I'll build towers of blocks with the boys. Go swimming. Crochet. Have a dance party in the living room. Watch a favorite movie.

And afterwards I walk away with a smile because I loved it.
It made me happy.
Try and do something you love once a day if you can.
If not try every other day but don't let it go too far in between that way you can balance things out and get out of that rut of always feeling like you are doing something you don't like.

What is something you love to do? Leave it in the comments below & then go do it. :)

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